An Oil and Gas Recruiting Firm

The Process

The Foundation

We outsource our data management efforts to a sizable team to make sure that our database is as robust and accurate as possible.  It’s a signficant starting point due to constant change in the industry.

The Grind

We leverage technologies and efficient systems to reach out to ALL prospective candidates for a position – multiple times – with strategic and concise messaging created to tell a compelling story about the opportunity.

The Filter

We speak to each candidate in detail before we are willing to put our stamp of approval on them as a great potential hire.  We also require our candidates to think through a position (and company) prior to giving us their permission to share their identity.  NOT ALL of our competitors take this important step – lowering the measure of a search.

The Fusion

We offer our clients continuous tips and updates designed to provide a positive experience for their team as well as their  most prized candidates. These include: interview prep, process suggestions, compensation expectations (and keeping them reasonable in today’s market), and closing strategies.

The satisfaction of our clients, potential clients, employers and candidates alike, is of the utmost importance to us.

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