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ESA Defense Group is an industry specific firm that works exclusively with defense and other high tech manufacturing environments.  We understand the needs companies in this industry have for staffing and keep an ongoing rapport with highly desirable candidates.  We understand the necessity for confidentiality and are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of all projects we assist our clients with.

ESA Defense Group brings decades of experience in specialized recruiting and continues to build a strong network of active and passive candidates within the defense industry at all levels.  A hands-on active approach has proven to be the best strategy in finding the most qualified people for your open positions.

Our services include in-house and contractor placements in ALL disciplines within the defense and aerospace industry to include technology, manufacturing, communications, transportation, and more.  We staff a dedicated team that manages our database to ensure it is always up to date, which allows our recruiters to focus on quickly filling open positions.  We place candidates in positions including manufacturing technicians, engineers, web and IT, administrative, operations, executive level and more.

We know the importance of having a detailed understanding of the position and the requirements needed from an ideal candidate, so we work with your team to become as knowledgeable as possible in what you’re looking for.  We have integrated the latest technologies and processes to reach ALL highly qualified prospective candidates for a position and use strategic and concise messaging to create a genuine interest in the opportunity.  We offer our clients continuous tips and updates designed to provide a positive experience for their team as well as their most prized candidates.  This includes interview prep, process suggestions, compensation expectations relative to today’s market, and closing strategies. 

NOTE:  We speak to each candidate in detail before we present them as a potential hire, this ensures we only send to you the candidates that best fit your needs for the position.  We require our candidates to think through a position and the company prior to giving us permission to share their identity.  Ensuring we present you with candidates with a true interest in joining your team. Not ALL of our competitors take this important step. We have found it to be paramount to the efficiency and propriety of a professionally conducted search.

Learn more: If you are a potential client, please contact us to see how ESA Defense Group can meet your needs. If you are a potential candidate, please search our current job listings for your next career opportunity. We look forward to working with you!

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